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mim Parvin
Jun 20, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Precisely because of their activity on the internet, the student leaves important traces and data that allow us to know details about who they are, what their needs and interests are, and most importantly, where they are in the b2c email list purchase cycle. It is what in inbound marketing we prefer to call: → buyer persona : it is a b2c email list fictitious character that is built based on real sociodemographic information of your target audience, for example, what type of information you are looking for on the internet, interests, challenges, aspirations, personal information (marital status, if you have children, in what sector works). In other words, the idea is that we can learn about their work, personal and online conduct, and their relationship with b2c email list the company. → buyer journey : as our own source says, it is the active search process b2c email list b2c email list carried out by the consumer before making a purchase or contracting a service. The process is made up of 3 key and clearly identifiable phases: discovery, consideration and decision. How is a marketing funnel? A marketing funnel is the process by which the lead or prospect is made to go from being a complete unknown to an evangelizing client of the brand. For everything that we have been mentioned so far, (student research process) it is almost impossible for a person interested in enrolling to study to do so without having completed a research process. Good luck if this is your case! b2c email list But usually, people do their research, educate themselves, interact with brands, and then after a while, make a purchase decision. With students it is exactly the same, therefore, your school must b2c email list use a marketing funnel to attract them and convert them into an enrolled student. So how should a marketing funnel be? Packed with valuable content! But not meaningless content, on the contrary, before creating content you should know in which stage of the buyer journey the people you want to convert into enrolled students are and based on that information create much more personalized content.
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mim Parvin

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